The 1972 Norton Commando 750

Photo Courtesy of Guru Khalsa

I renewed, replaced and upgraded a few things on my Commando including:
An Original Steel Roadster Tank to replace the original Fiberglass Tank that was susceptible to today's new Ethanol Fuel Mixtures.
New Dry Cell Battery, New Alloy Top Fork Nuts, New Cafe Racer Hump Back Style Seat, New Wassell Exhaust Pipes, New Exhaust Nuts, and New Stainless Peashooters
A modified 60's Style Lucas Alloy KJ-2 Taillight with LED Bulb, New Headlight Shell, Lucas PL-700 Tri-Bar Headlight, Tomaselli Adjustable Clubman Bars with 60's Style Grips,
New Ceandess Gas Cap, Alloy BarEnd Mirror, New Instrument Bezels, New Avon RoadRiders Tyres, New Front Brake Line, Chrome Valve Covers,
Colorado Norton Works Hydraulic Clutch mod, and Stainless Front Disc Rotor.  Norvil Rearsets with Reversed Gearshift Lever (1 down, 3 up).
New MKIII Kickstart Lever,  New Alloy Inspection Plug Covers. 2008 Bonneville T-100 Chrome Shocks, Stainless Seat Knobs.
 My N O R T O N Vanity Plate, a Brand New Paint Job by Brent Budgor in Vermont, "The Vintage Vendor"
I also hooked up a garage door opener inside the headlight shell to the switch on top of the bucket to open/close the door for covert Commando Road Manoevers.
Parts and Improvements that the Previous Owner put on the bike that I kept:
Sun Alloy Rims w/ Stainless Spokes, Fiberglass Front Fender, Grimeca Front Disc Master Cylinder, Norvil Dual Piston Disc Brake Caliper, and Boyer MKIII.


Photo taken before I switched to the Tomaselli Adjustable Clubman Bars

Iconic? Or just tooting my own Clear Hooters?

An item on I found on Ebay is a tin sign using the image from above.
Naturally when the Seller was approached - He sent me a Free Sign
- - - - -

Another Image of my Norton was found on the back of a T-shirt offered by one of my parts suppliers
Steadfast Cycles of CA  - Needless to say, I have the T-shirt
- - - - -

Killer Bee Moto offers a line of custom T-Shirts, I found an Image of my Commando there too
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And yet another Image of my Commando is found on the Norton Commando Buyers Guide on the SiloDrome Site
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Photo Courtesy of Guru Khalsa

The Mighty 1972 Norton Commando 750

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