Liz Olson (RA)
Liz's E-Mail Address is:
Aloha, my name is Liz Olson, I am a Realtor Associate with Na Pali Properties, Inc. 
I grew up with Real Estate, my mother was a Realtor, and I used to answer the
 telephones in her office as my first job, as a teen. My poor, dear old dad, went along 
with her whims, as she "had' to have this home or that home!
   I would say Real Estate is a family tradition. I also have two sisters that are Realtors
on the mainland. I have always enjoyed working with people, especially when it comes to their homes.
I have owned my own landscaping business. I know the importance of maintaining a lovely
home. I feel "atmosphere is everything!" It sets your mood when you arrive home.
  I am very fortunate to work in a field I truly enjoy! 
I do not just sell homes, I try to help your find your dream home.
  When I have a client that is looking at a home to purchace, I insist they take their time,
spend time at the property seeing where the sun comes up, and where the sun sets. I like for 
people to spend time getting a feel for the neighborhood, look at the sights, hear the sounds,
and to smell the flowers. Which direction do the tradewinds blow?
  Your happiness is my goal! Hawaii is not just a place, it is a feeling, a true paradise!
When you are ready for your piece of paradise, and you too are ready to "live the dream",
call me, and feel the Aloha spirit here at Na Pali Properties!
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