Kaua‘i North Shore Traffic Advisory

May 2019


Due to the significant North Shore flooding event of April 2018, major repairs are still ongoing. Please help our island and its residents to recover from this natural disaster.


·       Bridge work continues north of Hanalei on 3 one-lane bridges. EXPECT SIGNIFICANT TRAFFIC DELAYS.

·       Hā‘ena State Park, including Kalalau Trail, Hanakāpī‘ai Beach and Falls, and access to Kē‘ē Beach, is CLOSED. There is NO PARKING.

·       Hā‘ena County Beach Park, including access to Makua (Tunnels), is CLOSED. There is NO PARKING.

·       Limahuli Gardens is CLOSED. There is NO PARKING.

·       Parking on Kūhiō Highway in Hā‘ena is PROHIBITED. Parking fines are $200 for first offense.

·       All public parks and facilities in Hā‘ena are CLOSED. NO PARKING.

·       No PUBLIC RESTROOMS open beyond Hanalei check point.


If you do not have a residential permit or placard, please do not drive north of Hanalei.


Meanwhile, Hanalei, Princeville, and Kīlauea are open for business. Please enjoy these North Shore towns until Hā‘ena and Wainiha have recovered and are ready to welcome visitors later in the summer.


Effective Dates:  May 1st to May 31st, 2019 (effective dates are subject to possible weather delays). This Advisory will be updated in June.